Ball and Roller Bearings

For more than a century, NSK has been a pioneer in the development of ball and roller bearings specifically optimized for each application. From super-tough bearings withstanding violent shock loads and vibration in mining and metals, to miniature bearings enabling upwards of 400,000 rpm in precision medical equipment, every NSK bearing is engineered for smooth, reliable performance to keep industry in motion.

  • Over 100 years of breakthrough advances in bearing design, materials, and friction control
  • Global design and manufacturing capabilities for applications of virtually any size
  • Industry-leading research and development capabilities in tribology, numerical simulation, and integrated mechatronics


Ball and Roller Bearing Types


Integrated Mechatronic Systems Solutions

Enabling automation in motion and control

Our local integration and manufacturing teams will collaborate closely with you through all aspects of design, provide intensive project management and extend comprehensive technical support.

Design and Development

  • system design proposal with CAD model
  • component failure analysis and benchmarking
  • material technologies
  • applications simulation

Project Management

  • design review – as many as 5
  • quote – non-recurring engineering, prototype, full production
  • prototype demonstration
  • test report
  • lead time/production schedule
  • individual system test before shipping

After Sales Service

  • on-site support for system installation
  • training
  • bill of materials for replacement parts