Robot Modules

The NSK Robot Module is a single axis actuator that utilizes high-precision NSK linear guides, ball screws and monocarriers. Fully integrated into a machined extruded aluminum housing, the robot module is designed to accept a variety of motor interfaces and mounting styles.

  • Modules bolt together easily to form XYZ stages.
  • Ideal for Cartesian robots or pick-and-place applications.
  • Ground ball screw drive means excellent mechanical repeatability and high axial load capacity.
  • Linear guides systems provide high radial and lateral load capability.
  • High load capacity with long travel life.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Minimal maintenance because of our standard K1™ lubrication unit.
  • Manufactured in our Franklin, Indiana, plant.

Robot Module Types



Small, RS

Medium, RM

Large, RH

Single axis actuator that utilizes high precision NSK linear guides, ball screws and monocarriers

Single axis actuator that utilizes high precision NSK linear guides, ball screws and monocarriers

Single axis actuator that utilizes high precision NSK linear guides, ball screws and monocarriers


Usually Z-Axis

Usually Y-Axis

Usually X-Axis




Max Stroke 300-2000mm




Moderate – High



10mm or 20mm

10mm, 20mm or 40mm


NEMA 23 & 24, or Metric Motors Mounting Interface


Motor and Machine Mounting Kits, XYZ Combination Brackets, Sensor Kits

* K1 lubrication units standard on all series

RS 100 200   300   400   500                     10mm 20 20 32 24 24
RM     250   350   450     750   950             10mm 40 40 70 120 120
RM     250   350   450     750   950             20mm 40 20 70 120 120
RH       300   400   500 600   800   1000           10mm 200 40 600 450 400
RH       300   400   500 600   800   1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 20mm 80 20 600 450 400
RH                           1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 40mm 80 20 600 450 400

1) If your payload exceeds listed value contact NSK.
2) The individual moment capacities are defined as the value at which the fatigue life is 10,000 km when that moment acts continuously on the linear guide.

Robot Module Accessories

Optional accessories to complement your NSK Robot Modules


Motor Mounting Kits.

Kits provide all the necessary hardware to attach NEMA 23, NEMA 34 or 60mm frame metric motors to base module.

Combining Brackets

  • Enables combining modules into 2-axis and 3-axis mechanisms.
  • Combining brackets use dowel pins to ensure a high reproducibility of assemble.

Limit sensor Kits

  • The Kit provides all the necessary hardware to set modules stroke limits and home position externally. Sensors are mounted using module T-slots for maximum flexibility in positioning sensors.
  • Kits come supplied with “High Flex” sensor cable for maximum reliability.
  • Kits come supplied with 3 sensors.
  • Sensor – Omron Photosensor EE-SX672A, NPN type, includes sensor flag which attaches to slider.

Module Mounting Plates

  • Enables easier mounting of robot modules onto machine structure
  • Two plates per module

Case Study:
Automated Warehousing

Customer Challenge

An automated distribution center required a multi-axis linear translation stage to move supplies across the warehouse. In order to significantly increase the durability and life of the three-axis positioner, extruded aluminum was required to resist rust and corrosion. In addition to long travel life – up to 5 years or 10,000 km of travel – high load capacity and precision positioning were mandated. Quick and easy installation, thanks to the many NSK mounting accessories, insured minimal operation downtime.

Technical Challenge

Production and financial losses due to system downtime during installation.

NSK Automation Solutions

Pre-configured NSK Robot Module

NSK Solution

  • A preconfigured NSK robot module forming XYZ stage, facilitating simplified assembly and installation
  • Equipped with K1 lubrication units for maintenance-free operation as long as 5 years or 10,000 km travel
  • Execution of design validation for loaded life, smooth travel/performance, and repeatability of assembled system
  • Domestic production and quality testing of each assemble XYZ system prior to shipping

Case Study:
Nut Runner System for Transmission Case Assembly

Customer Challenge

An automotive OEM required an automated nut runner system moving in X, Y or Z axis, to tighten nuts individually within a predefined travel parameter set.

Pain Point

The OEM posed a tough challenge for a transmission case assembly process: zero failure and zero downtime.

NSK Automation Solutions

Three-axis Robot Module Nut Runner System

NSK Solution

NSK proposed a three-axis Robot module designed with high stiffness to accommodate the heavy load of the customer’s nut runner process. Not only did the NSK Robot Module’s very precise, controlled motion reduce the deformation and oil leak from the transmission case, the efficient connection points for XYZ stages also ensured simple installation and minimal set-up time.

Equipped with K1 lubrication units for maintenance-free operation up to 5 years or 10,000 km travel, the NSK Robot Module reduced downtime and increased OEE for the nut runner line.

Since the customer relied on NSK to deliver a fully assembled system, design validation for loaded life, rigidity and repeatability, as well as quality testing were all done prior to shipping each assembled XYZ unit. Once again, NSK delivers a zero-failure rate performance!

Integrated Mechatronic Systems Solutions

Enabling automation in motion and control

Our local integration and manufacturing teams will collaborate closely with you through all aspects of design, provide intensive project management and extend comprehensive technical support.

Design and Development

  • system design proposal with CAD model
  • component failure analysis and benchmarking
  • material technologies
  • applications simulation

Project Management

  • design review – as many as 5
  • quote – non-recurring engineering, prototype, full production
  • prototype demonstration
  • test report
  • lead time/production schedule
  • individual system test before shipping

After Sales Service

  • on-site support for system installation
  • training
  • bill of materials for replacement parts