Integrated Mechatronics Systems: Pre-assembled, turnkey electromechanical actuation systems to accelerate your product development, simplify procurement and speed up your production schedule.

Accelerate product development, simplify procurement and speed up production

  • Focus on your core competencies and use pre-configured and pre-built motion systems to reduce you engineering design time and complexity
  • Utilize more automated and ergonomic systems that need little to no maintenance
  • Adopt pre-assembled and tested motion systems to accelerate product development,and eliminate risk and time required for internal development
  • Reducemanufacturingassemblytimeandscraporreworkcosts–increaseefficiencyand reduce reject rates in sub-assemblies
  • Save procurement costs by consolidating suppliers and reducing part count- one stop shop
  • Electromechanical devices are more flexible, accurate, quiet, smaller and easier to install, update and maintain
  • Reducefootprintwhileusinghighprecisionactuatorsthatareeasytoinstalland maintain
  • Go to market and ramp up production faster!

NSK Mechatronic Systems:  Beyond Limits, Beyond Today

  • Experienced – NSK has been operating for over 100 years and designing and manufacturing integrated linear and rotational motion solutions for 40 years
  • US based – Our integration engineering and manufacturing teams are based in the USA (San Jose, CA, Franklin, IN and Ann Arbor, MI), providing local engineering support, local assembly and local ball screw production
  • Mechatronic Experts – All systems are tested and built by experienced mechatronic experts and builders in the USA
  • Quality Assurance – Clean room options are available within our ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities
  • Application Know-how – NSK has supported customers from a wide variety of industries including the largest OEMs in medical, semiconductor, material handling, electronics and automotive assembly
  • Global support – Operating a total of 207 sites in 30 countries, ready to support our global customers
  • Fit to market – We design solutions that fit your performance needs, cost, maintenance intervals and/ or lifetime requirements

Typical Applications and Functions for Integrated Systems

  • Lifting
  • Positioning/ Alignment/ Gimbaling
  • Rotational platform/ indexing table
  • Telescoping slide mechanism with optional lock (detent)
  • Throttling/ Controlled small motion
  • Single or multi-axis (X, Y, Z) platforms for dispensing, quality inspection, mounting, pick and place
  • Challenging environments, e.g. vacuum, clean, contaminated, corrosive, wet

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